The Abortion Controversy | by John V. Stevens, Sr.

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This highly documented book has nearly 2,0000 endnotes, making it the the most comprehensive and credible book on the subject of abortion.
While it may com to you as a surprise, God is both Pro Choice AND Pro-Life. The Scripture prove it conclusively. All Christians, Muslims and Jews accept the Old Testament as the final word of God. The New Testament is also unequivocally in harmony with the Old Testament on the subject. The book also goes into detail on the results of the coming U S Supreme Court ruling that abortion is declared unconstitutional.

This is a must for everyone to purchase as it will save your life. As the result of the Court's decision, religion will be established as it was in Colonial America but far worse. An example of the law in the Colony of Maryland read as follows. (insert from page 410 the quotation in the middle of the page.) The consequences of the fallout from the Supreme Court's ruling, this nation will repudiate the First Amendment and Establish religion, forcing all to be hypocrites by honoring the laws in order to survive or to face the loss of jobs, income, possessions and finally their lives. These are the only two options that every person in America will face. Ultimately the United Nations wil enforced the sam law and penalties globally. The entire world will become a gigantic foxhole for survival.

Colonial America had death penalties for those who failed to accept and live accordingly Jesus as God, the Bible as God's divinely inspired Word of God, those who commit adultery or or intimate with the same gender, who fail to observe Sunday sanctity by failing to attend Sunday worship morning and afternoon for which the penalty is one day's income. for the first offense, whipped for the second offense and six months in the galley for the third offense.

Right now is the time to buy the books for yourself, your family and your closest friends. Your life and theirs depends on it. It is coming like a tornado that cannot be avoided.

Is Abortion a Catalyst
to a National Crisis?

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Chapter 4: Freedom of Choice: How Important Is It?
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